Alan Turing: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Poster

Poster I made about British genius and World War II hero, Alan Turing. View poster.

Alan Turing: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Poster Thumbnail

The original source Photoshop file is available for download.

I’m releasing this poster and the source file under a Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license, meaning you can copy it as much as you want, or make changes. (IANA graphic designer, and I spent more time on the wording and font choice than the visual look.)

UPDATE: Fixed those typos. “Heroes” and “further” always look like the wrong way to spell those words to me.

20 Responses to “Alan Turing: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Poster”

  1. Mike in Phoenix Says:

    Sen McCain said in ’06 that when the top brass were ready to eliminate DADT he would support it, then last week he lied! His wife owns one of the largest Anheuser-Busch Beer distribution company in AMERICA. Until McCain tells the truth and supports civil rights I urge all fair minded people to boycott Anheuser-Busch Beers! Once A-B finds their sales going down due to McCain things will change. I ask you to spread this to all your friends.

  2. Roger in Utah Says:

    I would like to see something else on the poster to the effect of:
    “Turing’s lasting legacy can perhaps most easily be seen in the so-called “captcha” tests (more generally referred to as Turing Tests) commonly used on the Internet to prove you are human rather than a machine.”

    This page uses a red icon as a Turing Test. Turing’s brilliance is all around. It is inexcusable that he didn’t get treated like a human…

    I urge you to personally spread tolerance. Thanks.

  3. Vasco Says:

    Uh, Roger in Utah, I’m pretty sure his “lasting legacy” can be seen by looking at any computer. The digital computer — ALL digital computers — are Turing machines. The “Turing test” is a philosophical concept he came up with, but it’s more of a theoretical idea about the division between artificial and natural intelligence. By far the greater contribution is the creation of the digital computer AT ALL.

  4. Siobhan Says:

    You spelled “further” incorrectly — it is not ‘furthur’.

  5. brian katz Says:

    Also spelled “heroes” as “heros”.

    This is a good poster and design and a powerful idea. Let it meet its full potential; fix the spelling errors.

    It’s usually the dumbass conservatives and right wingers that spell wrong… why not take the high road.


  6. brian katz Says:

    hey i tried to fix the .psd but i don’t have your embedded fonts

  7. tim Says:

    I’m a computer scientist and fully appreciate Alan Turing’s contributions and I am sympathetic to your cause. However, this image slightly annoys me because this has nothing to do with don’t ask don’t tell. That has never been the British policy.

  8. freakwent Says:

    How do you spell heroes?

  9. S. Lopes Says:

    To Mike to Phoenix:

    McCain was captured. Then he told the “enemy” all that he knew. Then he sat there for a few years until he was “rescued.” He wasn’t a hero then. Don’t expect him to be a hero now.

  10. Poul-Henning Kamp Says:

    Alan Turings most important WWII work was not Enigma, but the much more valuable “Lorentz” cipher, used exclusively for the german high-commands internal traffic.

    The “Collossus” machine, was built to brute-force Lorentz, not Enigma.


    Al’s edit: It is a frequent misconception that Turing played a role in the design of Colossus. In the poster, I am referring to Turing’s work designing the bombe machines that were used to crack Enigma messages. See

  11. A person with logic Says:

    Don’t you think it is a little odd that you are supporting don’t ask don’t tell AND calling yourselves tolerant?
    The whole point of don’t ask don’t tell is so that we can be more accepting of homosexuals.
    You should not be advocating don’t ask don’t tell; you should be asking yourself, “How stupid are we that we convicted a man of a crime for being attracted to men?”
    Don’t you think if we were a little bit more humane, there would be no need for don’t ask don’t tell?
    You act like, “Oh, well they caught him, so he deserved it. SO DON’T LET ANYONE KNOW YOU’RE GAY, OR YOU WILL BE A CRIMINAL. That is the message you are conveying here, that if you let people know you’re gay, you deserve to be punished. But if you keep it inside and live a lie, you can be free.

    Land of the free my ass. Freedom is being able to be who you want, without preventing someone from being what they want.

    Not many can do that in this country, and that’s fucked up.

  12. A person with logic Says:

    Whoops, my bad. Second paragraph, “The whole point of don’t ask don’t tell is so that we can be more accepting of homosexuals.”

    Insert between the words “of” and “don’t” the word, “repealing.”

    It should read, “The whole point of REPEALING don’t ask don’t tell is so that we can be more accepting of homosexuals.”

  13. Brilliant poster provides bulletproof argument against don’t ask don’t tell | Says:

    [...] from [...]

  14. Coffee and Controversy Says:

    We love the poster. We want everyone to see it. We just recently wrote about our support of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell but decided to post your great image today on our site. Everyone should know what horrible and shameful things happen because of ignorance and hate. Great job.

  15. molly Says:

    I just wanted to write and say that this poster is amazing and moving.

  16. Robert Harris Says:

    This was my page icon for a while. Well made and I like how you lend your knowledge for the support of equal rights.

  17. Matt Thorn Says:

    Thank you so much for making this stunning poster and making it available freely. This is going up on my Facebook page and website immediately.

  18. Grzesiek Says:

    Turing and Enigma ??? Woow! it’s a joke??? Woow, it’s suprise for me!!! Look at this webside:óżycki

    And try to remember this 3 very talented and famous polish people!: Rejewski, Różycki, Zygalski

  19. Frank Poliat Says:

    Stumbleupon found this poster. Very nicely done. I concur, fix all the little details, but thanks for doing this, it’s excellent.

  20. Frank Poliat Says:

    I concur, fixing the spelling is important, but this is wonderful, thanks for doing it.

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