This is one of the early comics. Due to a hard drive crash, I lost a lot of middle comics (including the "Experience is the best teacher" one that won the award from Colombia University). You can tell again that I used minimal amounts of curves. The hands came out huge. I believe I was working on the early Proverbs at the same time as some of the older Big Science comics. I was also doing the characters in a new style, so they looked... primitive... in these early ones.

The formula for a Proverbs comic is fairly standard: find a proverb, then draw an ironic image proving the proverb right or draw an image proving the proverb wrong. All the characters were faceless, slightly androgenous men. None of the comics have an dialogue, which gave it a sort of "picture worth a thousand words" theme.

And these comics were something of a rip off of The Far Side.