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T-Shirt design: Do you have free will?

Another t-shirt design I made. I threw it up on my Zazzle store for the cheapest possible price.

Vampire Numbers Visualized

Vampire numbers are fairly interesting. Vampire numbers are numbers whose product contains the same digits as the two vampire numbers. For example, 21 x 60 = 1260. The two vampire numbers (called “fangs”) must be the same length and both cannot end with a zero. A longer example is 68088 x 45321 = 3085816248. You […]


Just a general logo design idea I had, but I really do love the tech scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m not sure if this design is original. By the way, now that I have your attention, I wrote a free book that teaches complete beginners computer programming by making games: Invent Your […]

Learn You A Origami!

I’ve set up a new site called Learn You A Origami!, which features video tutorials from YouTube of how to fold several different models. I’ll be adding new models periodically. The site uses my StepReplay software, which is a JavaScript library that puts “steps” in any YouTube video using the YouTube API. The problem with […]

Alan Turing: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Poster

Poster I made about British genius and World War II hero, Alan Turing. View poster. The original source Photoshop file is available for download. I’m releasing this poster and the source file under a Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license, meaning you can copy it as much as you want, or make changes. (IANA graphic designer, […]

Comics (Big Science and Proverbs)

I was hired on the staff of the Daily Texan during college. I drew Big Science and Proverbs (for which, unlikely enough, I won an award for from Columbia University). In my opinion, they’re terrible. I’ve posted some of the less awful ones, with commentary I made several months back. Big Science [download all comics] […]

Time Lapse of Coding

I rigged up some software to take a screenshot of my computer and a picture from my webcam at regular intervals, then composed them into a movie. The first video is finishing up the timelapse software itself (some of it uses PHP scripts to do image editing) and the second is of me going through […]

Geek T-shirt – “We Taste Like Chicken”

The image was engraved on Pioneer 10 and 11, which were probes launched into deep space. The idea was that intelligent alien life would find these plaques and interpret them to mean that intelligent life (us) existed elsewhere in the galaxy. I offer an alternative interpretation.

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