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MapIt program to launch Google Maps

I was tired of copying an address, then opening a new tab and then going to and then pasting the address, and hitting return. So I’ve written a program that will automatically open a new browser window pointed to Google Maps at whatever text is in the clipboard. Now I just copy the address, […]

JavaScript Cipher Wheel

I’ve created a web version of the Caesar Cipher wheel using JQuery and CSS sprites. JavaScript Cipher Wheel I also have a Pygame version and Windows executable of this.

“MooseGesture” – Python Mouse Gestures Module

“MooseGesture” is a Python module that implements a basic mouse gesture recognition system. It can identify gestures made up of strokes in the eight cardinal and diagonal directions. A mouse gesture is holding down the mouse button and moving the mouse cursor in a specific pattern to issue a command. Mouse gestures are a way […]

Learn You A Origami!

I’ve set up a new site called Learn You A Origami!, which features video tutorials from YouTube of how to fold several different models. I’ll be adding new models periodically. The site uses my StepReplay software, which is a JavaScript library that puts “steps” in any YouTube video using the YouTube API. The problem with […]

Pyperclip – A cross-platform clipboard module for Python

I got tired of not having a good cross-platform module for accessing the clipboard in Python, so I put this together. It is a module that loads a copy() and paste() function depending on what your operating system (or window manager) is. It has the following requirements: Windows – No requirements. You don’t need the […]

TraceyText – A Source Code Visualization Tool to Teach Programming

TraceyText’s home page is TraceyText is an HTML-based teaching tool for visualizing single-stepping through source code. TraceyText can also double as a text/HTML slideshow library implemented in JavaScript. With TraceyText’s features, you can create web pages with a text or HTML slideshow and TraceyText will minimize the file size. TraceyText can also combine multiple […]

ccwd.exe – Copy Current Working Directory command

I’ve written a small program that can be run from the command line. The ccwd program will copy the current working directory to the clipboard. I wrote it so that I wouldn’t have to right-click, Mark, highlight text in the console window, and press Enter to copy the text of the current working directory. Now […]

PyBat: A Python Module to Replace Batch File Usage (or, “Batch Files Aren’t Dead, They Just Deserve to Die”)

Download PyBat 0.1.2 More details at: UPDATE: Hi, Reddit! I just wanted to clear this up: PyBat is about solving a somewhat specific problem: allowing Python scripts and batch files to communicate environment variable changes. This is in the case where you have a ton of legacy batch files that you cannot (for whatever […]

DiscEx: Discover, Explore – Virtual tour web software

UPDATE 9/14/2011: UT has removed this code from their website. The software was basically a poor-man’s Google Streetview, with individual photos taken around the sculpture, rather than a panoramic in a QTVR-style viewer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the code or the images anymore. No big loss, since it was implemented as a Java Applet when […]

Al’s Alerts

Al’s Alerts, a web application ( Al’s Alerts is a service that will email you posts from craigslist whenever a post appears with the keywords you provide. This frees you from having to check craigslist every day if you are on the lookout for something specific. This is an improvement on craigslist’s subscriptions, which will […]

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