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5 Ways to Say “Go to Hell”

Hi, I’m Al. I’m an atheist. I believe that God and gods are superstition and do not exist. Fear is incredibly useful tool for persuading others to your views. It’s really convincing to tell a population of people that there is an imminent danger that is going to personally affect them, and that you alone […]

Prop R: Setting Things Right

Is Atheism a Religion?

Militant Atheists

Transcript: Hello, I’m Al. I’m an atheist. I believe that supernatural gods do not exist.

Relatively Absolute

A new video on atheism where I talk about the theist’s concept of moral absolutism and why I think it is an incorrect and impractical view to have. Transcript:

Free Will Doesn’t Matter

A video on the subject of free will, and why it isn’t nearly as important as we think it is. Transcript is below the fold:

See, God

Transcript follows:

Navy Showers

A navy shower is a method of showering that reduces the amount of water you use. 1) Get wet. 2) Turn off the water. 3) While the water is off, lather up with soap. 4) Rinse off. You get just as clean, and you help the environment and save money on your utility bills.

What One Atheist Believes

I was having an argument with someone on the Internet, and they asked me, as an atheist, what exactly do I believe in? (It is a common misconception that atheists have no beliefs, or no moral beliefs, at all.) So I made this video. Transcript is below:

This Old Earth (part 1 of 3)

My sixth video on atheism. This one took about a month of my spare time due to the large amount of research and web searching I did for it. I respond to VenomFangX’s video “The Age of the Earth” in which he uses some bogus arguments to prove that the age of the planet is […]

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