Nobody Cares About a Few Million Nanoseconds

Note: This article originally appeared on my programming book’s blog.
A Clever Programming Trick…
If you need to swap the values of two variables, this usually requires a third temporary variable (that is, if you’re not using a language like Python that supports the a, b = b, a syntax.) It looks something like this:
temp = a;
a […]

T-Shirt design: Do you have free will?

Another t-shirt design I made. I threw it up on my Zazzle store for the cheapest possible price.

Vampire Numbers Visualized

Vampire numbers are fairly interesting. Vampire numbers are numbers whose product contains the same digits as the two vampire numbers. For example, 21 x 60 = 1260. The two vampire numbers (called “fangs”) must be the same length and both cannot end with a zero. A longer example is 68088 x 45321 = 3085816248. You […]


Just a general logo design idea I had, but I really do love the tech scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m not sure if this design is original.
By the way, now that I have your attention, I wrote a free book that teaches complete beginners computer programming by making games: Invent Your Own […]

"MooseGesture" – Python Mouse Gestures Module

“MooseGesture” is a Python module that implements a basic mouse gesture recognition system. It can identify gestures made up of strokes in the eight cardinal and diagonal directions.
A mouse gesture is holding down the mouse button and moving the mouse cursor in a specific pattern to issue a command.
Mouse gestures are a way of dragging […]

lod.exe – Look of Disapproval command

This is a tiny open source project that I made to scratch an itch. The Look of Disapproval is an emoticon that is used to express disapproval in an online medium (a medium whose content I often disapprove of.)
Having to google “look of disapproval” and then copying/pasting the emoticon was too much work. Now that […]

Book Review: "Innumeracy" by John Allen Paulos

A Good Introduction and a Light Read
“Innumeracy” is at heart a book on the use, misuse, and abuse of statistics and probability that are made by a (unfortunately) large number of people (this reader included). Paulos has managed to make a quick read that is packed with facts and examples of numerical illiteracy.
It would be […]

Cipher Disk Cutout

Here’s a cipher disk that you can print and cutout to help you manually implement the Caesar Cipher. A program to implement this cipher (and break the cipher) is available in Chapter 14 of the free programming book “Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python” at
Simply download and printout the PDF and cut out […]

Enrage Them with Fear…

A poster I saw on Howard St. near the old Transbay Terminal. Click to view the full image:

The Evolution of RPG User Interfaces

Click to view the full image:

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