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Dooltaz Correspondence

UPDATED (3/19/07) – Dooltaz responded to me, and I responded back. It’s at the bottom of the other post.
I received a YouTube message from someone named dooltaz who wanted to respond to my videos on atheism. I have his message and my reply printed below. (I’ll continue to update our correspondence as it develops.)

Why Is Evolution So Unpopular?

My fourth video on atheist-related matters. This video isn’t so much about atheism as it is about evolution. I talk about the misconceptions of evolutions and why so many people in America don’t believe in it.
YouTube link
[youtube OWydIIVUI_4]
Here’s the transcript:

What Science Isn't

My third video on atheism. In this video, I talk about nonfalsifiable beliefs, problems arguing for creationism based on complexity, and the political (as opposed to scientific) motivations of the intelligent design movement.
I really need to figure out how to adjust the settings when I export to MPEG format, these videos keep getting stretched out.
YouTube […]

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