“IPython Notebook Essentials” Review

I gave a 4-star review to IPython Notebook Essentials. You can read it on Amazon here. You can buy a copy here.

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Corporate NSA Logos

I’ve created some corporate NSA logos. Feel free to copy and distribute them. More background information:
Wikipedia article on PRISM Surveillance Program
Washington Post: U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program
The Guardian: NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies
The Atlantic: PRISM Companies Start Denying Knowledge of […]

"Let them eat code."

Dear Patrick McConlogue,
I will be blunt: This is your “let them eat cake” moment.
Your article, “Finding the unjustly homeless, and teaching them to code”, despite your charitable intentions, betrays an arrogance, cluelessness, and level of privilege that is to the point of offensiveness.
I know that my phrasing is not persuasive and would make anyone defensive, […]

Except the Protagonist's Name is Changed

My “Except the Protagonist’s Name is Changed” project is more of an experiment in what self-publishing and the Internet allow us to do. I take public domain books and change the protagonists changed to something silly. (Though I don’t think I butcher these stories nearly as badly as Hollywood does.)
This is along the lines of […]

A Demonstration of "Show, Don't Tell" with Emily Carroll's "His Face All Red"

One of the keys behind good writing is “show, don’t tell.” The difference between “showing” and “telling” itself can be hard to tell, but it creates the difference between engaging storytelling and mechanical plot description.
Implied action and emotion can go a long way. Saying, “It was very scary” will let the reader know on a […]

Blog Post on CircleMUD Data Conversion

I converted all the monster/weapon/item/map data from CircleMUD (an old piece of MUD server software) to XML from it’s native, hard-to-parse text format. More info and download links on the blog post on my Invent with Python blog.

Some Blog Posts on Programming

I wrote a couple blog posts on my Invent with Python site about programming:
“How much math do I need to know to program?” Not That Much, Actually.
Nobody Wants to Learn How to Program

My new book: "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

I’ve completed my next book, which focuses on the Pygame library and making graphical games in Python. It assumes you have a little bit of Python programming knowledge. The book is free to read online from http://inventwithpython.com/pygame and can also be bought on Amazon.com for $25.
Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this book […]

A conversation with a stranger on Omegle about religion.

I went on the “random stranger chat” site Omegle.com and asked people about religion. Most people weren’t interested, but this person and I talked for quite a while. I thought I’d post the conversation to let others see. I tried to spend most of my time asking questions, rather than talking about my own beliefs. […]

Flier for "Move Your Money" Project

I designed a flier to tell people about how they can move their money out of banks and to not-for-profit credit unions. Click the thumbnail to get the PDF.

Any comments or suggestions for changes are appreciated. Thanks to Marvin Borg for the inspiration to make this.
If you want to edit this file, download the original […]

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