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On leadership.

Perhaps you’ve just started a small business. Or maybe you work for an established and reputable corporation. How can you promote your company? How can you convey that you provide services and/or goods that outshine all of your competitors? Lying is the obvious answer, but let’s pretend you’re ethical.

Al’s Alerts

Al’s Alerts, a web application ( Al’s Alerts is a service that will email you posts from craigslist whenever a post appears with the keywords you provide. This frees you from having to check craigslist every day if you are on the lookout for something specific. This is an improvement on craigslist’s subscriptions, which will […]

Comics (Big Science and Proverbs)

I was hired on the staff of the Daily Texan during college. I drew Big Science and Proverbs (for which, unlikely enough, I won an award for from Columbia University). In my opinion, they’re terrible. I’ve posted some of the less awful ones, with commentary I made several months back. Big Science [download all comics] […]

Rethinking our false security

Originally ran in the Daily Texan [] on 8/30/04. Rethinking our false security Cameras poor solution to defend high-profile areas By Al Sweigart Clues for finding the culprits behind the recent MLK vandalism are limited to grainy footage from the two cameras by the statue. The tapes are only able to confirm that two bipedal […]

Time Lapse of Coding

I rigged up some software to take a screenshot of my computer and a picture from my webcam at regular intervals, then composed them into a movie. The first video is finishing up the timelapse software itself (some of it uses PHP scripts to do image editing) and the second is of me going through […]

‘Proverbs’ writer moves to greener pastures

My -30- article at the Daily Texan. The -30- article is an unedited column that departing staff members write. Originally ran in the 5/10/05 paper. The original is located at [] ‘Proverbs’ writer moves to greener pastures By Al Sweigart My genius was misidentified at a young age.In kindergarten, the class was supposed to enter […]

Geek T-shirt – “We Taste Like Chicken”

The image was engraved on Pioneer 10 and 11, which were probes launched into deep space. The idea was that intelligent alien life would find these plaques and interpret them to mean that intelligent life (us) existed elsewhere in the galaxy. I offer an alternative interpretation.

Emily the Rip-Off

Emily the Strange [] is fictional character whose introverted and disdainful personality has made her something of a countercultural icon (and a great way to sell marketable products to the trendy). Her franchise has churned out a lot of merchandise (clothes, toys, books, etc.) But the character itself is almost an exact copy of another […]

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