Prop R: Setting Things Right

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8 Responses to “Prop R: Setting Things Right”

  1. LemmingLord Says:

    Thanks for the brilliant (although perhaps a little late) video. Hope to see more from you soon!

  2. Micah Cowan Says:

    Fucking brilliant.

  3. Steve Says:

    Al is a genius! He totally gets life! Keep em coming, been missing your vids the past few months. Thx again for a perfectly made point. ;)

  4. Sarah K Says:

    How do you feel about bi-manual people?

  5. Reneh Says:

    Bravo! so insightful

  6. smeagain Says:

    Brilliant? Genius? Insightful?

    Again reverend Al is preaching to his choir.
    There is an intelligent discussion to be had on both sides of this issue. If that was your goal you missed the mark.

    I’ll give you credit for being mildly amusing.

  7. kat Says:

    Hilarious Al! However you forgot to mention that leviticus also talks about killing people if they sleep with aliens.

  8. agno-christian Says:

    I found your videos while I was still a Christian. You have let me see, along with others, that The Jeudeo-Christian God cannot exist. I still think the ten commandments are the laws of morality and that there is a higher being, but you’re still an awesome video maker. I like how you are both enlightening and funny at the same time.

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