MapIt program to launch Google Maps

I was tired of copying an address, then opening a new tab and then going to and then pasting the address, and hitting return.

So I’ve written a program that will automatically open a new browser window pointed to Google Maps at whatever text is in the clipboard. Now I just copy the address, hit Win+R to bring up the Windows “Run” dialog, and then type “mapit”. Instant map.

You can also type “mapit <type address here>” to run it from the command line.

Download the Windows Executable (6.2 MB, big since it’s a compiled Python script)


Download the Python script (2 KB)

The Python script should work with Python 2 and 3, and on Windows, Mac, Linux (but I haven’t tested it on Mac & Linux yet).

Here’s the code on github:

2 Responses to “MapIt program to launch Google Maps”

  1. Charles Ellis Says:

    If you use Google Chrome you can create a new eearch engine for Google Maps. Just right click in the search box on the Google Maps page and select “Add as search engine…”

    In the window that opens up use something quick to type like “map” for the Keyword field, and then put “” in the URL field.

    Now if you want to search an address you can copy it, hit Alt-D to focus the URL bar, type map and then paste in the URL and hit enter to search.

  2. Charles Ellis Says:

    To clarify my previous comment, one needs to type map and then tab or space before Chrome will recognize that you are using the Google Maps search engine.

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