Learn You A Origami!

I’ve set up a new site called Learn You A Origami!, which features video tutorials from YouTube of how to fold several different models. I’ll be adding new models periodically.

Pentagonal Gift Box origami picture

The site uses my StepReplay software, which is a JavaScript library that puts “steps” in any YouTube video using the YouTube API. The problem with most origami video tutorials is that they go too fast for people just learning a new model, and you have to pause and rewind the video frequently. StepReplay will automatically pause the video when it reaches the next step, and with one click you can also replay the previous video. It also has an option to loop through a single step over and over.

This can be used for any instructional video on YouTube. StepReplay is released under a BSD license.

Learn You A Origami! main site.

StepReplay can be downloaded here.

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