lod.exe – Look of Disapproval command

This is a tiny open source project that I made to scratch an itch. The Look of Disapproval is an emoticon that is used to express disapproval in an online medium (a medium whose content I often disapprove of.)

Having to google “look of disapproval” and then copying/pasting the emoticon was too much work. Now that I’ve placed “lod.exe” in my system path, I just type “lod” and the Look of Disapproval is copied to my clipboard for me.

Expressing disapproval has never been easier! ಠ_ಠ

Download lod.exe Windows binary

md5: 2f2fb6861d99757cd7d6581d9a6e8358
sha1: 226f6bea94dbd7c0c4b6dd36a3b65c715098603b
Requires msvcr100.dll (which should be installed on your system already)

Download lod.cpp source code

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