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Is It Possible at All to Discuss Language Wars without Starting One?

The title comes from an astute commenter named Frank on my last post, Your Ignorance Does Not Make a Programming Language Suck. Many of the comments on the post and the comments on Reddit quickly devolved into precisely the kind of language war I spoke against.
If I were a cynic (and on alternate odd days […]

Your Ignorance Does Not Make a Programming Language Suck

(It might look like I’m picking on a couple strangers here, because they were the main inspiration for this post. I hold no grudge against them, heck, I don’t even know them. Don’t think that a few words or a few opinions encapsulates a person’s whole personality or intelligence.)
I’m trying to push for more Python […]

PyBat: A Python Module to Replace Batch File Usage (or, "Batch Files Aren't Dead, They Just Deserve to Die")

Download PyBat 0.1.2
More details at:
UPDATE: Hi, Reddit! I just wanted to clear this up: PyBat is about solving a somewhat specific problem: allowing Python scripts and batch files to communicate environment variable changes. This is in the case where you have a ton of legacy batch files that you cannot (for whatever reason) […]

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