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Python Cheat Sheet

I posted this Python cheat sheet before in my PyBat post, but several people found it useful so I wanted to give it it’s own post for emphasis.

And if you just want to see some simple samples of Python code, you can always look at the example programs from my free book for non-programmers, Invent […]

Bugging Your Code Reviews – See if your peers are really reading your code.

Code reviews are the single biggest thing you can do to improve the quality of your code, as Jeff Atwood says. Code reviews force you to show your code and justify your design decisions to someone else, and the extra set of trained eyes can reduce a large number of costly defects. But how can […]

Is Atheism a Religion?

[youtube e18O7fML1Yg]

Proverbs Comic

Proverbs was a comic I did after Big Science for the Daily Texan back in college at UT Austin. I won an award from Columbia university for one of the strips (I’ve lost that particular strip). The format was simple: find a proverb, then draw a picture that ironically proves the proverb correct or ironically […]

Big Science Comic

Big Science was a comic strip I did for the Daily Texan back in college at UT Austin. It revolved around various Natural Science majors. Here’s a selection of the strips that I did:
Time Travel Club
Pirate Movie
I Know Technology
Probability Exam
Chess Move
Robots Gone Wild

Militant Atheists

[youtube Y5OEocRp2wA]
Hello, I’m Al. I’m an atheist. I believe that supernatural gods do not exist.


Building Tesla Coils in the Garage

“The time for jacking around with Tesla coils and ball lighting in the garage is over.”
-From the sci-fi movie, Primer
Many people get into software development because it’s fun. They start programming or web applications or how to get the computer to do interesting things, and the learning begins to grow from there. It’s also a […]

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